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Satta King is Most Popular Across the India but most famous in Uttar Pradesh and Called Up Satta,Up satta is type of Satta matka game plays as Satta King.
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Satta-gali.com game types
Satta Matka: This type of derivation comes from the Hindi word meaning earthenware pot. In the past, you could use flowerpots to count numbers easily. It’s rare, but people like the name. At our site you can view results of different online games.

A few of them are as below:

  • Individual: You can choose any number from 0 to 9. Bet and expect luck to bring Satta’s results.
  • Jody/Pair: The word Jody in Hindi means a pair. In “Satta Matka”, you can choose any number of couples from 00 to 99 and have betting pairs.
  • Patti/Panna: This type is associated with a 3-digit Satta result in a bet, but here we have a problem. Only a limited number can be used for betting.
    Open/Closed results: Satta Matka game is divided into two parts. One is an open result, and the second is a closed result.